Smoked Salmon Roll Sushi


Smoked Salmon Roll Sushi has a core of smoked salmon, fresh avocado and red onions mixed with Japanese mayonnaise. The vinegared Japanese rice is beautifully decorated with white sesame on the outside.

  • Ingredients: Japanese rice, smoked salmon fi­llet, avocado, red onion, white sesame, mayonnaise, black pepper, seaweed (nori), sushi vinegar, sunflower oil, salt.
  • Net weight: 215g ℮
  • Storage conditions: in refrigerator at temperature – 18оC
  • Shelf Life: 365 days

For direct consumption

This product is for restaurants and retail shops. Use microwave to thaw the product halfway, the remaining heat will complete the process. You can serve it as a main dish, an appetizer or as a side dish with Japanese noodles.

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